10 Reasons Doctors Fear Digital Health

With most any technology advancement comes growing pains, and that’s surely the case with technology in the medical industry. There are countless technologies available that are intended to improve quality of care, empower patients with more information, improve practice operations, protect patient privacy — and the list goes on. Some digital health advancements are optional for hospitals and medical practices, while many are imposed by healthcare regulation. Indeed, digital health can be overwhelming, and it’s common for us to get an earful from frustrated doctors and nurses.

This physician, who frequently speaks to healthcare professionals on this topic, sums up the Top 10 fears and critiques that doctors voice about digital health. He goes further by providing his own insight on each of these concerns.

Perhaps dialogues like this one will help the medical industry, regulators, and technology developers come together to solve the challenge of delivering digital health platforms that increase efficiency, reduce workload for providers, and truly improve the quality of medical care. Ultimately, technology is deployed to make life better, not harder.

So how do YOU feel about digital health?

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