11 Nurse Practitioner Social Media Accounts You Should be Following

Many of us use social media on a regular basis. When used responsibly, social networks can be a source of entertainment, humor, education, connection, networking and comfort. Nurse practitioners can use social media for a variety of reasons. Following content made BY nurse practitioners FOR nurse practitioners can be a fun and easy way to give you a laugh, as well as stay up-to-date on news and trends in your field.

We’ve evaluated a number of social media accounts that are geared to nurses and nurse practitioners, and we’ve narrowed down our favorites. Follow these 11 sites and share them with your friends and coworkers. 


@thekatieduke – TV personality and real life ACNP Katie Duke, from the show NY Med on ABC, has a following of 113,000 on Instagram. She takes on life with an empowered mentality and is sure to inspire. 

@scrubsmag – Follow this account for a trusted source for lifestyle and news related to the medical and health community filled with stories and news headlines you need to know.

@nursingschool – With over 83,000 followers, this funny account is sure to bring a smile to your face on even the toughest work days sharing pictures, quotes and humor to remind you why you chose nursing in the first place.

@nursesofinstagram – This account has over 263,000 followers, sharing inspirational and funny posts just for nurses. It even features stylish scrubs and builds community for nurses by encouraging followers to use #nursesofinstagram on their posts.

@wearfigs – One of the most fashionable scrubs brands on the market, Figs aims to give back and inspire healthcare workers. Stay on top of the latest in scrub fashion while seeing posts from around the world on this account.


The Nurse Practitioner Group – This network was created for nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students to network and support one another. With over 26,000 members, you’re sure to find the support you need within this social community.

The Nurse Practitioner Journal – The mission of The Nurse Practitioner Journal is to meet the needs of the nurse practitioners by providing practical, cutting-edge clinical and professional information.

Nurse Practitioner Newbies – This is the place for FNP students and graduates to ask questions, voice concerns and share pearls of wisdom. 

Clinician Today – Clinician Today is a platform in which fellow healthcare professionals come to share insights into the various topics that affect their daily lives, and beyond. This account features stories about healthcare trends, news, culture and careers for clinicians, by clinicians.

Nurses Rock – Nurses Rock is a fun, lighthearted page that promotes nursing and nurses around the world. Here you will find great stories and discussions started by nurses and nursing students.

Funny Nurses – Another page filled with funny memes to brighten your day, because sometimes, you’ve just gotta laugh. This account from Scrubs Magazine celebrates the joy and sometimes hilarity of a profession that could use a little stress relief.

We hope you enjoy our social media recommendations designed especially for nurses and NPs. While you’re surfing these social channels, stop by TinkBird’s Facebook page to let us know which ones are YOUR favorites! 

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