3 ideas to increase physician engagement

According to a Gallup report, physician engagement is lacking within the healthcare system. In the study, engaged physicians were found to be 26% more productive than doctors with little engagement, which adds up to an additional $460,000 on average in patient revenue for an individual physician per year.

Obviously, physician engagement is critical for the patient, but it is also important to the success of that organization. A Becker’s Hospital Review article listed five key thoughts on improving physician engagement. Here are a few standouts:

The more physicians are involved internally, the more likely their engagement will increase

Something as simple as establishing a physician committee could be a solution to this problem. The more say physicians have in decisions, perhaps the more they can improve their engagement and willingness to work harder and more efficiently.

Improve communication

Countless healthcare systems could use assistance in communication, and there’s always room for improvement. The report suggests creating a cross-functional team of physicians that can analyze the existing communication across the organization and think of ideas of how to improve it.

If you are a leader in these organizations, listen to your physicians

Often, physicians or healthcare workers may stay silent if they feel as if their voices are never heard. By increasing engagement among administrators and physicians, this will most likely respond in physicians speaking up because they will no longer feel as if their opinions don’t matter.

Clearly, there are many benefits to increasing physician engagement. By emphasizing certain ideas and alleviating the procedures that cause disengagement, this will make for a better organization that is more suitable for healthcare providers and patients alike.

Read more here about how to motivate and empower your physicians to increase productivity and profitability.

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