4 Ways to Become an Employer of Choice

Being an “employer of choice” means you have succeeded in creating an excellent working environment for your employees. It also means the best people will, in turn, want to work for you. When you’re an employer of choice, you will have no problem recruiting and retaining providers, as candidates will aspire to work with your facility over others. 

With the low unemployment rate in today’s job market, it is more important than ever to develop a reputation as an excellent employer. With these tips, top talent will see your facility as their number one option for employment. 

Stimulating work

Employees, especially those in the healthcare field, want to stay engaged through exciting and challenging careers. Give your physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners clear roles that are straightforward but not easy. 

Offer roles that challenge your staff intellectually, allowing them to grow and become proficient. Creating a stimulating work environment may mean offering providers new technologies they can work with, or research opportunities. Most providers want to be inspired, feel passionate about their job and be continuously reminded why they chose a career in medicine in the first place. 

Opportunities for advancement

To retain your best employees, it is vital to consider employee advancement at all levels. While this may be more challenging in a healthcare setting with roles determined by academic degrees, licenses and experience, employers can often create leadership roles for staff members to advance within your facility.

It is also essential to think about your locum tenens providers when examining opportunities to progress internally. If you are open to the possibility of a temporary provider coming on as a full-time employee, make sure they know this so you reduce the risk of losing them to another facility. 


Everyone needs to be rewarded now and then. Offering recognition for specific contributions is vital to facility culture and overall morale. 

Start by developing a reward strategy that encourages the performance and contributions that add value to your practice or facility. Set goals for your staff, encourage engagement and give acknowledgment. An effective program serves as an objective and inclusive way of assessing staff performance. Recognition can be given on an individual, team or facility-wide basis. 

Competitive compensation 

While this may come at no surprise, providers are always looking for facilities that compensate them above market rate. If possible, offer a comprehensive benefits package, including insurance, retirement benefits, and paid holidays and vacation. Hiring locum tenens providers to fill in the gaps while permanent providers are out is a great way to allow for employee flexibility, something every provider is seeking. 

Finding qualified providers

If your medical practice needs assistance hiring physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners or other skilled medical professionals, Tinkbird Healthcare Staffing can help. Our recruiters are experts in sourcing, screening, qualifying and assessing highly qualified medical providers to fill clinical positions for hospitals, clinics and medical practices across the country. Learn more about the benefits of working with Tinkbird here.

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