5 Things I Love About Locum Tenens

We’re excited to write this post specifically for our locum tenens nurse practitioners. We recently discovered the blog site travelingNP.com and came to know Sophia, its author. A locum tenens NP herself, Sophia blogs about her personal experiences as a traveling nurse and shares useful tips for others in the profession. If you are nurse practitioner in a permanent position but considering locum tenens, she has valuable insights for you, as well.

As Sophia explains it: “”My intent with this blog is to share my experiences as a traveling nurse practitioner, network with other providers, and provide a guide for nurse practitioner’s wanting to begin travel work. With all of the recent healthcare changes, we know nurse practitioners are at the forefront of primary care.””

Our medical staffing recruiters at Tinkbird couldn’t agree more! NPs are integral to ensuring quality care – in a world where it’s becoming harder and harder to deliver. We appreciate your hard work, and we take pride in placing our traveling providers in medical jobs where they not only bring tremendous value, but build their careers and gain personal satisfaction at the same time.

We’ll be sharing occassional blog posts from travelingNP.com. Here’s a sample: “5 Things I Love About Locum Tenens.”

So we have to ask, what do you love about your traveling nurse practitioner life?

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