The Blackberry Brigade – Feel Good Friday

TinkBird Healthcare put together a team, Berry’d Alive, for a Blackberry picking challenge put on by Piedmont Picnic Project. Berry’d Alive walked the Raleigh greenways for close to 5 hours this past Friday and collected as many blackberries as they could. Needless to say, they felt ‘Berry’d Alive’ in the Raleigh heat!

The berries they picked were weighed at the Berry Brigade at the Raleigh City Farm in downtown Raleigh. All berries were donated to the Piedmont Picnic Project to sell them to local chefs to use in their menus, with all the proceeds benefitting Neighbor to Neighbor Outreach Center.

Although Berry’d Alive didn’t win the challenge, it was a fun experience that gave back to the community. We will definitely be participating, and hopefully winning, in the 2017 Blackberry Brigade!


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