Book Locum Tenens Now for the Holidays

While it may seem far away, the holiday season will be here before you know it. With many major holidays occurring from November through January, conflicts and competition for time off can make scheduling a nightmare for HR managers. Not only is it a popular time for physicians and other medical staff to take a vacation, but the demand for medical services always increases during this season as well.

Now is the perfect time to put a plan in place. With your medical staff disappearing, you still have to keep your facility running smoothly. Never fear. When your doctors are away, TinkBird saves the day!

We are currently booking temporary provider assignments for the November and December holidays. We provide skilled locum tenens physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants for your hospital, emergency facility, general practice, pediatrics, or urgent care facility. Our providers are ready to jump for any last-minute clinical staffing needs at any time. We even offer a Loyalty Program for medical facilities that book multiple shifts.

Planning well in advance for these temporary openings will minimize issues and allow you to secure the proper coverage for staff who will be taking time off. Highly skilled locum tenens providers are an essential resource during the holidays, easing stress for both schedulers and staff. 

Find locum tenens providers

One of the many advantages of working with a quality locum tenens staffing agency is that we do the legwork for you. We provide you with pre-qualified, highly-trained candidates to compliment your staff. TinkBird Healthcare Staffing has years of experience catering to the needs of healthcare facilities.

Tinkbird is your go-to resource for locum tenens staffing. Contact us today to assess your needs for holiday coverage.

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