How to cash out on your independent practice, and go locum tenens

As a recruiter of locum tenens medical providers, we often meet doctors who have operated successful independent practices for years, but are ready for a change. Eventually the time comes for all independent practice owners to divest of their practice. For some, it comes before retirement age. Many doctors are seeking a less stressful and more flexible work environment. Others are ready to retire, but then find they miss the patient interaction, so they want the ability to work limited hours.

If you’re an physician-owner of an independent medical practice, have you planned your exit strategy? Do you know all the options? In this article, business adviser John M. Collard offers divestment strategies to give you maximum financial benefit.

Once you’ve made the move, now what? Are you interested in locum tenens work? Tinkbird places physicians and other providers in primary care locum tenens in cities across, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Tennessee — with our regions continually expanding. Search our locum tenens physican jobs board, or contact one of our regional offices to talk about your goals.

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