CLR Announces Partnership with NCCHCA

Breaking News: CLR has been granted as the official preferred locum tenens and permanent staffing partner for the NCCHCA, North Carolina Community Health Center Association, being one of only three official partners for the NCCHCA, and the only staffing partnership. The other two large named corporations include LabCorp and TOSHIBA Business Solutions. The NCCHCA’s mission is “To promote and support patient-governed community health care organizations and the populations they serve.”   Per the NCCHCA website, “Community health centers (CHCs)–also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)—represent a critical source of primary care for individuals nationwide. Health centers provide prevention, treatment, and disease management delivered in family-centered, patient-governed medical homes using the most advanced care practices and without regard to a patient’s ability to pay. As this time, there are 30 FQHCs and three look-a-likes in North Carolina representing 150 clinical sites. The services provided by North Carolina’s FQHCS vary, but most health centers provide a range of primary medical, dental, behavioral health and enabling services, such as transportation or interpretive services. In 2010, North Carolina’s FQHCs served over 450,000 patients, approximately 95% of who live below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.  North Carolina’s health centers generate over $359 million in economic impact to the state and provide cost-efficient, high-quality care to North Carolina’s residents.”

Each of the new partners met with the NCCHCA team of CommunityWorkforce Development and Resource Development to go over expectations and goals to satisfy both sides of the partnership.  After proposals and edits, the NCCHCA team brought the proposals to the Board for approval.

As a partner, CLR will offer North Carolina based Community Health Centers a discounted rate for locum tenens and permanent staffing. In turn, the NCCHCA advertises for CLR on their website, email campaigns, meetings, as well as marketing materials.

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership and glad to support such a strong, community based partnership.

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