What to consider with part-time locum tenens work

Locum tenens work gives you the freedom to travel, the responsibility to work as you please, the ability to fight physician burnout and much more. Next time you consider becoming a part-time locum tenens provider, think about what it can mean for you.

Timothy Smith, a senior staff writer for AMA Wire, designed a list of things to consider about going part time. Here are some examples.

  • Know how much money you need to be happy.
  • Realize that part time might not be much less than 40 hours per week depending on your situation.
  • Cautiously consider who you ask for advice on becoming a part-time worker.
  • Decide whether your professional goal revolves around reputation or happiness.
  • If you have children, decide what role you wish to play in their lives.

The flexibility and freedom that part-time work offers can be quite appealing, but can come with caveats. Being a locum tenens is a lifestyle suited with flexibility and change, but it may not be for everyone. Next time you consider going part time, check out the full list of considerations.

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