Credentialing Process for Medicare and Medicaid

Are you a Healthcare Provider that is on the fence about credentialing with Medicare and Medicaid? If so, you should strongly consider doing so. Keep reading to learn why.

With the ongoing changes with healthcare, many medical facilities are requiring Healthcare Providers to become credentialed with Medicare and Medicaid. Being credentialed ensures payment for covered services is provided to Medicare beneficiaries. Additionally, it prevents improper payments for services rendered by providers who do not meet Federal and State requirements for participation in the Medicaid program.

What are Some Benefits of Enrolling?

  • Medicare reimbursement is 5% higher than it is for those who do not participate.
  • Medicare payments are issued directly to the Physician/Supplier because the claims are always assigned.
  • Claim information is forwarded to Medigap (Medicare supplemental coverage) insurers.

Want to learn more about the credentialing process? Visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ website for more information.

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