Fact vs. Fiction: Common Locum Tenens Myths

There are often myths regarding working locum tenens assignments. Many of which can discourage a provider from considering doing locum work altogether. However, we are here to separate fact from fiction. To find out some of the top locum tenens myths and truths, continue reading below.

Myth: Unmanageable amounts of paperwork.

Truth: While there can be a lot of credentialing paperwork to complete, many medical facilities have staff members onsite to help you with the process. However, one of the benefits of working locum assignments with TinkBird is that we take care of the majority of the paperwork for you!


Myth: Having numerous locum tenens jobs on your CV will look bad.

Truth: With locum jobs, you have the ability to gain experience in multiple areas. This experience can be appealing to potential employers and in turn will strengthen your CV.


Myth: Compensation for locum tenens assignments is poor.

Truth: By working locum tenens assignments, you are able to decide where and when you work. At times, you can also determine how much you are paid by selecting assignments in specific specialties.

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