Feel Good Friday: How Contagious is a Smile?

TinkBird asked Tanesha, with our PA development team, to write about a “feel good moment” she experienced over the past week.  This is what she had to say..

“Try smiling all day at people and watch them light up. What a rush to see that you just made a slight difference in someone else’s life. Bottle that emotion and share with others until your cup runneth over with feel-good! I recently read about a coffee company who only hires people who essentially give hugs and go out of their way for their customers. With all the places customers could go, they come in droves sure for great coffee, but really for the emotional connection they have with the employees at the coffee house. As a result and not the initial reason for connecting so deeply with customers, profits are soaring. People respond to good and kind acts. A smile is one of the most effortless ways to make a difference. So it pays, really pays, to smile.”

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