Feel Good Friday: Give an Anonymous Donation to a Charity

Philanthropy is an excellent way to support organizations and non-profits that align with your personal values. Currently TinkBird’s CEO, Courtney Shade, is a candidate with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) in their “Woman of the Year” campaign. She is actively working to raise awareness for finding a cure for LLS blood cancer research. Our CEO is pretty awesome, if we must say so ourselves.

While donations to LLS are graciously appreciated, there are some people that prefer to donate anonymously. This ensures that the spotlight remains on the charity versus their financial contribution. But what are some ways to go about doing this? If you are interested in how you can support great causes but keep a low profile, keep reading to learn more.

Donate Online: Network for Good and JustGive.Org are non-profit organizations where you can give to the charity of your choice anonymously. While there is a fee, it is only to handle administrative costs and you are still capable of receiving a tax receipt from either organization.

Utilize an Intermediary: A law firm, bank or trusted adviser can serve as an intermediary on your behalf. Anonymity is not guaranteed through this avenue but an intermediary can help to protect your identity. With them submitting your funds directly to the charity, they serve as the primary point of contact, allowing you to remain behind the scenes. In turn they can provide with a tax receipt for your records.

Click here for more tips on ways to donate to the charity of your choice anonymously, and to support The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, please donate here.

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