Feel Good Friday: Stay Positive!

Everyone faces difficult situations in life whether it is with their careers, health or relationships. While you may not be able to control the situation itself, there is one thing that you can control. Your attitude!

It is very easy to hone in on the negativity when thrown into a challenge circumstance. However, there are ways to cope and improve your thinking and psychological health. Keep reading to learn how you can quickly open your mind and allow positivity to circumvent challenging moments.


  1. Think back on a situation that was particularly challenging or negative for you.
  2. While focusing on the situation, take a deep breath.
  3. Once you have completed the last step, take the time to write down 10 positive things that could result, or have resulted, from this situation. Make sure that you physically write everything down instead of mentally thinking it in your head. Writing down the positive outcomes will help solidify it in your mind.


It’s important that you have an open mind while completing this exercise. You may feel strange or question how it will help because you may not see immediate results. But with practice and dedication, you will begin to see a change in your mindset whenever you are faced with a negative situation.

Learn more about how you can improve your thought process by clicking here.

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