Increase in the Need for Physician Assistants

Due to an increase in healthcare needs and the aging of Baby Boomers, medical providers are in high demand. But with a steady decline in the number of physician’s available, physician assistants are now filling these voids.

Physician assistants are nationally certified and state-licensed medical providers. While they do not attend school as long as physicians, physician assistants can still provide the same quality of care and are proving to be an incredible asset to medical practices. How you may ask? Because they are able to spend more time with patients, resulting in patient wait time being drastically reduced which increases client satisfaction. Additionally, physician assistant have a lower rate of malpractice claims and have the ability to work in various specialties without having more schooling. Thus, allowing them to round out their skill sets.

The medical field will continue to see an increase in the educational programs and acceptance of the profession in the future. You can read the full article regarding physician assistants by visiting

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