The growing PA medical profession you need to know about

With over 115,000 certified people today and an average salary close to $100k, there are many reasons to note the increasing amount of physician assistants in the country. PAs first and foremost are penetrating every aspect of the healthcare spectrum due to industry changes such as developed technology as well as flexibility that the position offers to individuals. What begun as assisting traditional primary care needs, has expanded to a vast range of paths physician assistants can pursue.

Depending on your personal preferences and lifestyle, this position allows more flexibility than some other medical professions where one can structure your job according to your lifestyle. Studies report that millennial PAs tend to prefer working longer hours significantly than someone who has a family. What we love about the growth of PAs are the facts that not only are they a great career option for individuals in all stages of life, but they also are filling the gap of workers within the healthcare industry. PAs have the ability to confront the majority of needs within a patient waiting room population. In turn, this allows the physician themselves to dedicate more time to the most persistent and urgent services.

“The horizon is endless,” according to Dawn Morton-Rias, CEO of the National Commission on Certification of Physicians Assistants on PA growth. If you or someone you know has an interest in becoming or expanding your career into a PA, listen to this episode of the Physicians Practice Pearls Podcast.

If you’re medical provider and looking for employment, contact TinkBird to help find your next opportunity.

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