Introducing TinkBird Healthcare Staffing

Readers, we are thrilled to announce that Carolina Locum Resources is now TinkBird Healthcare Staffing!

Many years ago, Courtney Shade, our CEO, opened CLR in hopes of growing a local brand that could provide locums services to North Carolina facilities. Now, a firm providing locums and permanent staffing in over 5 southern states, it’s safe to say TinkBird is here to stay. Inspired by her children, Courtney wanted to lend credence to her thriving business by re-branding the company.  Jakson, 7, was referred to as “Birdie” and her youngest, Macon, “Tink.”  Together, our incredibly dedicated staff will work to uphold our brand by providing unparalleled customer service and support.

After much time, effort, and consideration we have opted to re-brand as TinkBird Healthcare Staffing.   As healthcare continues to evolve, we wanted to ensure our company remains innovative and consistently competitive with our services.

Please take a moment to visit our newly renovated website:

Additionally, our contact information has changed.  Please see below for updated email accounts for our TinkBird Representatives:

Courtney Shade, CEO

Margaret Connolly, VP of Recruitment Services

Robert Pettus, Director of Permanent Staffing

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