Is Your Facility Staffed in the Most Advantageous Way?

Hospitals and medical practices often struggle to match provider capacity with patient demand. That perfect balance to keep your facility staffed is harder to strike as healthcare dynamics continue to shift. The industry’s shortage of trained physicians, the emergence of physician extenders, and new options for serving patients through telemedicine are among the factors that make it more difficult for hiring managers to maintain the right mix of providers. Fortunately, there’s a formula for that.

Hospitals, hospital-affiliated practices, and even independent medical practices are turning to data analytics to help streamline their operations and make effective hiring decisions. Tools like Six Sigma and Key Performance Indicators are being deployed to help healthcare HR teams establish better patient flow, determine the number and types of providers needed, and make informed decisions about recruiting permanent medical providers versus filling positions with temporary healthcare staff.

Check out these recent articles from Physicians Practice that tangible examples of how these tools work:

We also hear from hospitals and practices that have benefitted from using a medical practice consulting firm to help redesign clinical processes, patient flow, customer service and scheduling. Consultants like MSOC Health have experience in implementing best practices, improving operational efficiency and making recommendations for the best use of human resources.

When the time comes to recruit and hire physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, that’s where Tinkbird Healthcare Staffing comes in. We have a deep pool of qualified candidates for both permanent positions and locum tenens assignments. We also help rural communities hire for hard-to-fill positions. Contact our medical recruiters to discuss your medical staffing needs.

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