Welcome to Jessica Johnson – TinkBird’s Newest Director of Provider Recruitment!

Jessica Johnson joins the TinkBird South Carolina team as the Director of Provider Recruitment. Native to the Carolinas, Jessica is passionate about the healthcare industry, leading her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. She will help the South Carolina team continue to thrive by recruiting permanent and locum tenens medical providers and placing them at local healthcare facilities.

Outside of work, Jessica leads an active lifestyle with her two sons – Julian and Jace. She’s passionate about nature and outdoor activities as well as volunteering in her children’s extra-curricular activities. And if you need a good recipe, Jessica is a great person to ask.

“I am a huge foodie,” said Jessica. “I am always thinking about what I am going to have for my next meal. As much as I love to eat, I also care a lot about my health. At times, I think it can be challenging to balance my love for good tasting food with eating food that is good for me. Since I love to cook, I am always looking for delicious but healthy recipes that are easy to make. Kimberly Snyder is my go-to blogger for healthy recipes that taste amazing! These wraps are super easy to make and are full of vitamins. Make a bunch and eat for lunch or a snack. Enjoy!”

You can check out one of Kimberly Snyder’s incredible concoctions here.

If you’re interested in saying hi or working with Jessica about new recruiting opportunities, connect with her via email.

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