How a Locum Tenens Doctor Can Feel at Home when Traveling

As a locum tenens physician, traveling often becomes an innate ability. Frequently moving usually requires lengthy stays at hotels or other unfamiliar living spaces. Although five-star Marriott’s are excellent, the reality is we often don’t get the most luxurious accommodations during our temporary positions. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of things to do that will make your brief home feel a bit more comfortable while you are traveling.

Get comfy

Whether that is a pair of slippers, your favorite pair of socks or your go-to sweats, carrying something comfortable to snuggle up in when you get home is a sure way to feel as if you are back inside your hometown house. Packing socks or slippers can also help eliminate any germs your feet may come into contact with while walking around in the room.

Bring toiletries

Although there may be times when you aren’t able to pack up your necessary items, this tip goes a long way. Nothing makes you feel more at home like using your trusted products. Not to mention, some hotel products could cause sensitive skin issues or unwanted reactions.

Pack an item that makes you think of home

For some, this may be a picture that reminds them of a good time with friends or family. For others, it may be something like a candle or favorite blanket. No matter what it is, pack the one thing that reminds you of comfort. Some days are going to be easier than others, so try to think of an item that always brings you a feeling of peace even when you get down.

Combat noise

Everyone loves the idea of a quiet and relaxing evening, but the reality is in hotels we don’t have the luxury of choosing our neighbors. Therefore, to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, think about bringing different options for eliminating noise. Some ideas for eliminating external noises are: listen to some music with headphones, wear a pair of earplugs, bring a fan, or listen to white noise.

Extra cleaning supplies never hurt

Even at the cleanest hotels, some dirt or germs can get left behind. That is why we suggest bringing some travel wipes or Lysol to rid of any bacteria that didn’t get cleaned up by the staff. This will not only prevent your chances of getting sick, but it will help to make your body feel more clean and comfortable.

In our opinion, traveling the country for work is awesome. You get the opportunity to explore all many cultures and cities all while meeting a wide variety of people. However, being away from home a lot can sometimes get lonely. By bringing items that make you feel comfortable will uplift your spirits and in turn, will encourage you to get outside and enjoy your work.

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