Locum Tenens: Pros vs. Cons

Thinking of a way to combine your love for traveling and still being able to have a steady job? Becoming a locum tenens provider may be the right career for you. Today, we’d like to list some pros and cons of locum tenens work to consider before you make the decision.

Pro: Locum tenens gives you freedom.

Whether you are a seasoned locum tenens physician or thinking about it for the first time, finding the right place for your desires as a professional can be quite intimidating. But, unlike other jobs, the flexibility of locum tenens gives you a lot of freedom. In particular, it gives you the freedom to decide things like your duration of work, your location of choice, and even your salary of choice depending on your willingness to work.

Con: With greater freedom, comes greater responsibility.

When there is new freedom within a job, this also increases room for risks. Meaning, at any point your contract could potentially be turned down or not approved due to a variety of reasons. This potential for some instability may be a big decision to consider when deciding if this type of work is right for you. Are you okay with taking risks? Or do you desire long-term stability and comfort within your profession?

Pro: Less drama, more travel.

Like any other job, some drama eventually arises within the workplace. By being a temporary fill, this decreases your chance of being places within unnecessary drama or the stress of maintaining company policies or meeting regularly. It also expands the places you can travel because your location isn’t permanent.

Con: A temporary fill at a permanent location may be difficult.

This depends on the individual but is something important to consider. If you find yourself hard to open up or struggle to acquire authority quickly, locum tenens work may not be the best fit for you. Temporary people may not receive the same type of respect that a permanent staff member receives.

Pro: You have no boss!

You are your own boss, so you don’t have to worry about cumbersome activities that permanent employees worry about.

Con: On the flip side, having no instruction could come with a price.

That price being motivation. With no one constantly checking up on you or requiring meeting certain guidelines, this leaves yourself to be responsible for your choices.  

Any way you slice it, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to locum tenens work. However, figuring out what the right fit for you is the key. If this has sparked your inner wanderlust or additional questions, contact TinkBird today to discuss your career aspirations!



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