Non-Traditional Methods to Incentivize Your Medical Staff

Here’s an interesting article from Physicians Practice: Medical Staff Incentives That Won’t Break the Bank.

The article deals primarily with back office staff, but it got us thinking: Could some of these ideas to incentivize your medical staff also apply to empowering your clinical staff? Granted, your clinicians are your front line, so their interface with patients must reflect the values and professionalism that define your facility. But do your policies allow them to do their job with real authenticity? Perhaps it’s seen in how their personality comes out when interacting with patients or in their choice of professional attire. Are there ways you can empower them to help improve processes and patient flow?

Whether your role is as a healthcare provider or you’re responsible for medical staffing for your facility, we’d love to hear about non-traditional ideas to incentivize your medical staff that have worked in your experience. Email us your comments.

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