Physician engagement depends on hiring the right person for the job

Engagement is a real buzz word these days — target audience engagement, patient engagement, employee engagement, online engagement. We typically don’t think about the need to engage high-level professionals, but we should. This article, How To Measure Physician Engagement, addresses that very topic.

When physicians are engaged, they’re more productive and provide better patient care. They enthusiastically represent the practice and its values. They work well with their peers and support staff. When considering the many ways that engagement comes into play, it’s clear to see how critical it is to the success of your facility.

As a healthcare recruiting company, we work with hundreds of clinical providers, hospitals and medical practices. In talking with our clients, we have come to know that engagement means alignment with the values and culture of your hospital or practice. That’s why recruiting the right-fit doctors and nurses is so important.

Our recruiting methods take this very important aspect into consideration. We utilize an assortment of recruitment tools to attract both active and passive physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. It’s our job to source, screen, qualify and assess medical professionals to find candidates that match not only your clinical needs but also your culture and environment.

To find out more, contact one of our regional healthcare staffing offices in NC, SC, PA and TN.

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