A Physician’s Quick Guide to Staying Active

Looking for ways to maintain your fitness needs? We extracted a list from Physicians Practice that can increase your physical involvement during demanding workdays.

If you are a physician [or another healthcare employee], you may find that staying active is somewhat hard to implement yourself despite reciting it countless times to patients.

In the article, we love suggestion #3 which is “Less is more.” In today’s world, there is a stigma that in order to stay healthy you must workout for hours upon which couldn’t be further from the truth! Research suggests that 60 seconds of strenuous exertion proved to be as successful as three-quarters of an hour of moderate exercise. Evidently, we can all make time throughout our days to schedule brief workouts that contain high-speed interval training.

Additionally, although tried-and-true, taking the stairs over riding the elevator is a no fuss way to guarantee a more active lifestyle. Simple additions such as planning meetings outside or pre-planning time to break throughout your day can instill a better workout regime for your busy lifestyle.

Even with the above tools, motivation is something at the end of the day that will either help or hinder your physical activity. With stronger inspiration, comes additional energy.

With that said, it’s time to get outside and get inspired! Whether that be pinning fitness tips on Pinterest, creating a new Spotify playlist stocked with motivational jams or keeping quotes handy for when you’re feeling down. The more inspired you are to be active, the more active you will become.

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