How to practice what you preach: Health tips from doctors to doctors

As healthcare professionals, it is often difficult to implement all the advice you give to your patients into your own routines. In addition, maintaining your health can be quite difficult when you are tasked with managing the health of so many others.

Fitness Magazine compiled 15 health tips from doctors around the nation to see what they do to stay healthy. Here are some of our favorites …

Fuel up for the day

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so get your day started off right. A healthy breakfast helps establish a daily eating pattern that won’t leave you feeling starving by noon. Start with a hearty breakfast that won’t disrupt your diet.

Soothe sore muscles

Working out is certainly part of a maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but stretching and treating those sore muscles can be just as important. Stretching and soothing your sore muscles will allow them to heal. Grab a foam roller next time you are in a workout section and use it frequently.

Beat burnout

The medical profession is notoriously known for long hours and little relaxation. That’s why it is imperative to make time for yourself. Simply taking 30 minutes or an hour out of each day to do something you enjoy can help alleviate the burnout tendency that plagues so many healthcare providers today.

Tame tension

In the mood for a quick fix? Try standing up, bending over and pretending like touching your toes, but instead just let your head and arms hang down. Hold this position for a minute or so. This move forces your back to loosen up making you instantly less stressed and able to regain your focus.

Now, it’s back to your busy schedules, but don’t forget to take time for your own health and happiness!

For more information and the remaining tips from doctors themselves, click here.

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