Predictive Analytics Prepares Facilities for Clinical Staffing

With a new executive administration in Washington, uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act, and a looming physician shortage, hospitals and private practices are making decisions as best they can. TinkBird strives to alleviate some of the unknown by being a consistent resource for recruiting quality primary care providers across all of our clinical staffing territories. We also stay abreast of industry trends and news and strive to keep facilities and practitioners informed.

To that end, we recommend this read about how predictive analysis can help practices forecast their workforce needs. As the article explains, this technology has long been used in industries such as manufacturing, transportation and financial services, but it has been underutilized in healthcare.

Imagine accurately predicting patient demand three to four months in advance. That knowledge would enable you to plan for your clinical staffing needs, such as the hire of permanent and temporary clinicians. When you’re ready to start the hiring process, contact your local TinkBird medical recruiting office.

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