Progress is Being Made in Addressing Physician Shortage

Physicians Practice reports some good news regarding the physician shortage in primary care. Reports and initiatives in several states are showing that residents and fellows are beginning to favor primary care, and individual states are introducing proactive measures to incentivize them. This article suggests that efforts to promote the field of primary care may be paying off.

While federal and state governments, medical associations and medical schools are collectively focused on this issue to ensure broad access to quality primary care, the healthcare staffing industry is also playing a vital role.

TinkBird Healthcare Staffing provides locum tenens and permanent medical staffing solutions to a variety of public and private medical facilities in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Our clients include hospitals and their affiliate practices, federally qualified health centers, health departments, schools, urgent cares, and privately owned practices. Our focus is finding the best matched primary care staffing solution from our vast resources of physicians, physician assistants, and family nurse practitioners. We are working hard to help alleviate any concerns our clients have when it comes to have the qualified medical staff in place to serve their patients.

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