The Reality of Physician Burnout and How to Overcome It

Physician burnout is an important issue for healthcare recruiters and practice managers. A recent article from Physician Practice details the statistics behind the condition that physicians and other medical professionals are facing in high pressure or stressful environments.

Physicians are trained to be autonomous problem solvers; enduring solitary, long hours on-call during internships and residencies. But that tendency to function independently can be a downfall when it comes to dealing well with workplace stress. Case in point: The rate of physician suicide is alarmingly high. According to an article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, more than 400 physicians committed suicide in 2015. There are initiatives that have been launched to address the increasing stress that physicians — both those in training and in mid-career — find themselves under, but seemingly little headway has been made.

KrisEmily McCrory, an academic family medicine physician who practices in upstate New York at Ellis Family Medicine Residency, is frank about the stresses that she and her physician colleagues find themselves under. “I think the biggest challenge is that doctors are no longer in charge. But, at the same time, it is our licenses and our liability [at risk]. We get all the brunt when something goes wrong, but we really don’t have any say to make sure things don’t go wrong,” she says. “It just gets to be really exhausting.”

Yet that doesn’t mean physicians are ready to throw in the towel. By any means. Eighty-four percent of 1,000 physician respondents said they like being a physician, according to Physicians Practice’s 2015 Great American Physician Survey, sponsored by Kareo. And when asked if they would do things differently, 56 percent of physicians, a slight majority, said they would choose the same career path as they originally did.

Read the entire article here.

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