How Temporary Medical Staffing Helps Reduce Physician Burnout

“… 54.4% [of physicians surveyed] reported at least one symptom of burnout in 2014, up from 45.5% three years before. Higher rates were reported for frontline physicians in primary care, family medicine, emergency medicine and hospital medicine.” This from a recent article in Medical Economics that highlight a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic evaluating the prevalence of burnout and satisfaction with work-life balance among physicians and U.S. workers.

As a medical recruiting firm that specializes in placing physicians, PAs and other clinical workers, we hear about this issue a lot. The medical profession has become increasingly demanding and stressful. It is for this reason that what we do is so important.

TinkBird handles locum tenens placement, giving healthcare providers the lifestyle choice of performing temporary clinical work. This gives them diverse experiences to keep them energized and focused, and it enables them to take time off between assignments. Temporary healthcare staffing also allows our facility clients to offer more vacation time, longer maternity leaves and other time off to their own clinical staff, enabling them to refresh, recharge and avoid physician burnout. We see this as a win-win!

Contact one of our healthcare staffing locations to learn more about TinkBird’s temporary and permanent medical job placement services:

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