Tinkbird Helping to Solve Clinical Staffing Shortages

Provider shortages now outrank healthcare reform as the top concern of healthcare CEOs, according to the Economic Outlook: Fall 2016 C-Suite Survey. A November article on the staffing shortage in RevCycle Intelligence further explains: “Recent primary care physician and healthcare support staff shortages are driving healthcare employment challenges facing hospitals and health systems, the survey showed. Approximately 72 percent of respondents said that the number of primary care physicians at their organizations was inadequate to meet their needs over the next three years.”

If your hospital or medical practice needs help with recruiting and hiring qualified medical providers, Tinkbird Healthcare Staffing can help combat your staff shortage. We’re a boutique healthcare staffing firm specializing ONLY in primary care. We currently recruit physicians, PAs, FNPs and other primary care providers for medical positions in Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

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