Tips to Succeed as a Locum Tenens Provider

The use of locum tenens providers has grown in popularity as 94% of hospitals and other healthcare facilities use this type of worker. As more and more providers are choosing the locum tenens lifestyle, it can be challenging to navigate this new way of working. With each new placement, you are walking into a new way of doing things, new company culture and learning how to deal with new people. Here, the recruitment experts at TinkBird Healthcare Staffing share a few tips on how to be a successful locum tenens provider.


The best way to keep updated on the latest available assignments is to keep in touch with your recruiter. Most recruiters will contact you regularly, but it is best to touch base with them during and between assignments. Respond to all emails and phone calls as quickly as possible and hand in all necessary paperwork on time. If you need to change your schedule, alert your recruiter immediately. Efficiency is extremely important, and clear communication is essential to perform your work well. It also helps to ensure that both you and your colleagues are on the same page. Openly communicating with your co-workers will also help you to develop good relationships.

Ask questions

When you are given an assignment, your recruiter or hiring manager will fill you in on the necessary details, such as the types of procedures performed at the hospital or facility and the number of patients you will be seeing. If you need more clarification to perform your duties well, then do not hesitate to ask questions. As a new member of the team, you will not know all of the ins and outs. You may not be aware of everything that is expected of you, either. The best way to get all the information you need is to ask your recruiter or administrator.

Be flexible

You may feel like you are out of your comfort zone as you step into your new role. Learning a new job assignment can take time, which can be difficult if the length of the assignment is short. But being flexible in which assignments you take can help you become a well-rounded and experienced professional. For example, consider working night shifts rather than taking only day shifts. Or, if you tend to take assignments in a particular geographical area, consider expanding your circle to include other areas. Each experience can teach you something new and can help you increase your success quotient. By trying new assignments that are out of your comfort zone, you may discover that your preferences change. Flexibility can also include learning to push yourself. Be willing to take shifts for people who desperately need time off, and volunteer for jobs that are less than glamorous. Be willing to help in whatever way you can. You can make a difference and a lasting impression if you use your time, talents and perspective to help someone in need.

Update your resume

After you finish an assignment, update your resume. It is important to always be reviewing and updating it as you learn new skills and complete different assignments. This way, you are ensuring that it is accurate and currently relates to your skillset. By updating your resume regularly, you will set yourself up for success as you apply for new positions.

Finding a national healthcare staffing agency

Becoming a successful locum tenens provider is possible if you make a consistent effort to be flexible, ask questions and communicate well. You will need to be organized and efficient and have a willingness to learn at all times. After undertaking several assignments, you will no doubt find yourself developing and sharpening your skills. Being friendly and open will help you to create lasting relationships with those you work with. With this mindset, you will be a successful independent contractor.

TinkBird Healthcare Staffing specializes in placing locum tenens healthcare providers in quality placements throughout the country. We have a large network of top-tier facilities with open positions. Whether you are looking for locum tenens or permanent placements, contact us today.

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