Wellness Wednesdays: Are Americans More Depressed Than We Used to Be?

From an article posted on CBS News, Americans are more depressed than we have been in years. This information is based off a study published in the Social Indicators Research journal. Researchers examined 6.9 million teens and adults and found that “contemporary Americans reports more symptoms of depression that affect the body, such as trouble sleeping and concentrating, than people typically did in the 1980s.” Thankfully, help is available to assist those currently suffering from depression.

Held annually during Mental Illness Awareness Week, National Depression Screening Day is this Thursday, October 9th. Serving as a way for individuals to identify potential signs of depression, National Depression Screening Day calls attention to the illness and educates the public about the symptoms and various treatments that are available.

To find a free, anonymous screening site in your area, click here. Additionally, an online depression screening is available as well.

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