What Jazz Can Teach Providers

Peter Economy recently published an article on Inc.com called “3 Remarkably Powerful Leadership and Life Lessons From Jazz,” and we thought providers could have some similar takeaways. You don’t have to live in the Jazz Age to utilize its hallmarks.

Learn to improvise

Jazz musicians are improvisors at their core. In traditional jam sessions, they not only have to keep up with what’s going on around them, they’re actively contributing notes and lyrics that will make the music even better. Physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners can incorporate the same methodology. When the unexpected occurs, be flexible and add value where you can.

Rock your solo but don’t forget to support

True jazz is an ensemble piece – much like a successful healthcare facility or practice is a team sport. Musicians both play together as one and showcase their talents with a big solo. Providers should embrace moments and shine as a leader. Be decisive and capitalize on your knowledge but remember to be supportive of others. Solos are brilliant, but collaboration heightens the music to a much richer, enjoyable level.

Own your errors

Errors can lead to moments of growth, and sometimes the music needs to take on a different tune. No medical provider ever wants to make an error, but if it does happen own it. Your ensemble or team can help you recover or move another direction.

Are you a physician, PA, or NP looking to make some new music at a new facility? Contact TinkBird for recruitment opportunities.

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