What Providers Should Look for in a Recruiting Agency

Knowing how to choose a healthcare recruiting agency is essential for both facilities and job seekers alike. From the medical provider’s point of view, it is important to select an agency that understands your unique skills and will actively promote your attributes. A great agency will match your qualifications with the job opening best suited for you. 

But not all recruiting companies are created equal. With hundreds of agencies competing for your business, how do you know which one to choose? The best healthcare recruiters will offer the following to their providers:

An understanding of your needs

A quality healthcare recruiter will take the time to understand precisely what you are looking for, past the job title. The last thing you want is to start a position at a facility where you are not challenged or don’t fit in with the culture. Go with a recruiting firm that won’t waste your time with poor placements. Your agency should do a comprehensive search of open positions and carefully narrow down the best placements.

Step-by-step guidance

Choose an agency that will walk you through not only the recruiting steps but the hiring process as well. Before choosing a firm, ask about their process – from the initial meeting and screening to the interview, compensation/benefits negotiation, and making a final offer. Finding a new healthcare job can be intimidating; having an expert guiding you every step of the way makes it so much easier.

Consideration of your long-term goals

Even if you are looking for a short-term or locum tenens position, your recruiting firm should be aware of your long-term goals. Be sure they understand whether you want to remain a locum tenens provider, or if you would be open to the possibility of a full-time offer. Talk with your recruiter about where you see yourself in five or 10 years. Finding the right fit now will put you on course to meet your long-term career goals.  

Quick follow-up

When issues or questions come up, your recruiting agent should always respond within a couple of hours. Choose an agency that allows you to focus on providing quality care while they take care of the hiring details. Time-sensitive questions and concerns always come up, and it is essential to have a recruiter that will work quickly for you.

Advocate for you

Look for a recruiting agent that will do more than just share your resume with facilities. Your recruiter is your chief advocate when discussing your unique talents with hiring managers. A top recruiting agency will work on your behalf to seek out the right position for your specific needs and present you in the best way to prospective employers. You’ll know the right healthcare staffing agency when they go above and beyond your expectations to land you the perfect placement. 


Ask potential agencies what they will provide that you couldn’t do without them. An effective agency won’t shy away from this question. Your recruiter should be willing to talk candidly about their network of medical facilities, share their track record, and discuss openly their plan for how they will market your skill set.

Find a reputable agency

How can you find out if the staffing agency you are looking at is reputable? Start by doing your research. Look for any red flags such as: 

  • Hesitancy to talk about past performance
  • Not being thorough with paperwork
  • Rushing the process
  • Pressuring you to misrepresent yourself to land a job
  • Attempting to charge you fees upfront
  • Fabricating letters of recommendation or credentials

Closely review the recruiter’s website and search for any news stories that contain the company name or owners. Look for agencies that have been around for at least five years and ask for references from providers who have already worked with them. 

Finding a recruiting agency

If you are a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or other skilled medical professional looking for a new position, Tinkbird Healthcare Staffing is here for you. We have placed top-tier providers for well over a decade. We recruit from our extensive network of facility partners to find the perfect position for each of our candidates. Check out our available jobs to find your next placement today. 

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