Wellness Wednesdays: Top 5 Ways to Relieve Work Stress

For this edition of Wellness Wednesdays, TinkBird would like to share with you tips to help reduce some of your work stress.


  1. Chill Out on Your Commute: It’s important to separate work time from downtime. On your commute home, engage in something you enjoy such as listening to music or thinking about weekend plans. Try to do this instead of running over the list of things you still need to accomplish at the office.
  2. Get Moving: Being physically active helps relieve the many stresses of the day. As an extra bonus, while you are breaking a sweat, your brain will be flooded with feel good endorphins. Feel good endorphins equals less stress!
  3. Keep Work at Work: Of course, it will be necessary to bring work home occasionally. However, don’t make this a habit. If you are always focused on work you run the risk of shortchanging your family and friends by not being truly present.
  4. Put the Cell Phone Down: Set boundaries. Even though you will most likely need to check email and messages a few times while at home, try to limit this to just a few times a night.
  5. Wash Your Hands: If you are second guessing yourself or can’t stop thinking about a decision you made at work, try washing your hands. The act of washing your hands figuratively cleanses your need to validate a decision. A little strange, yes, but it will help you wipe the slate clean.

To get a full list of stress reducing tips, continue reading at Yahoo Health.


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