Wellness Wednesdays: How Did 6.4 Trillion Calories Disappear?

Researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill found that in 2012, many popular food companies took 6.4 trillion calories off of supermarket shelves and the diets of Americans. This is a major move towards fighting the obesity crisis that continues to be a leading health issue in our country.

In an article from U.S. News – Health, a collective of 16 major food and beverage corporations joined an organization called the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation in 2007. Comprised of manufacturers and retailers, the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation was created to tackle obesity and it pledged to remove 1.5 trillion calories from the U.S. marketplace by 2015. However, the food and beverage corporations exceeded their proposed benchmark by more than 400 percent by selling 6.4 trillion calories less in 2012 than 2007.

Additionally, these companies reduced portion sizes and changed the ingredients in their products based on findings from the UNC-Chapel Hill’s study. But will their efforts be enough to tackling obesity? Click here to read more.

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