Healthcare revitalized in Scranton

Welcome to Scranton … where the supernatural have been sighted, and the residents just can’t seem to explain what happened to them. While the city is rumored to be haunted, it has much more to offer than a few ghost stories.

The recent redevelopment of Scranton’s downtown Riverfront of Lackawanna district is a symbol of progress in this northeastern Pennsylvania city. Along with the revamping of the city, Scranton has shifted from coal mining and production to a more diversified economy. Healthcare is one such focus.

TinkBird recruits healthcare professionals for Scranton’s leading medical facilities

Scranton, PA, is home to several hospitals that scored a spot on the Best Hospitals in the U.S. list. Making the cut are Allied Services Rehabilitation Hospital, Clarks Summit State Hospital, Community Medical Center, and Moses Taylor Hospital.

TinkBird Healthcare Staffing provides medical recruiting in Scranton and the surrounding region with a focus on top-tier medical job placement for physicians, PAs, and NPs. We work to fill both permanent and locum tenens positions, and we assist Scranton’s leading medical facilities in meeting their clinical staffing needs.

Even the TinkBird team deserves some fun!

We believe in a healthy work/life balance for our doctors and clinical professionals. We recommend taking some time to relax and check out what the Scranton area has to offer.

  • Remember when we said the city may be haunted? There are plenty of ghost tours in the city to prove it! There’s even a popular ghost named George at Andy Gavin’s Pub.
  • Interested in magic and fun? The Houdini Museum offers a spectacular magic show with a tour of the Houdini house. Here you can peruse some of Houdini’s original memorabilia.
  • The best place for the family has got to be Montage Mountain. With a waterpark in the summer and skiing in the winter, it’s the perfect place to be year-round.

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