Level 3 RN ICU Day/Night – Elmira,NY – Locum

Level 3 RN ICU Day/Night – Elmira,NY – Locum

TInkBird is actively recruiting for a Level 3 RN ICU for Night shift in Elmira, NY for 13 weeks starting asap.

Job Summary
-Assess patients’ clinical conditions, recognizing, identifying and interpreting serious situations,  prioritizing,  and immediately deciding upon and taking proper action, for example, to inform physician and take preplanned measures.
-Formulate nursing diagnoses to appropriately provide care for patients across the life span, from neonates to geriatric patients,  including  medical, surgical, psychiatric, and obstetrical patients.
-Develop a plan of care for individual patients by interviewing  patient and family members, reviewing the patient’s health record, and determining the kind of health and physical care required, including discharge planning. The plan of care reflects any special cultural, religious, physical,  and psychosocial needs identified, and contains expected outcomes individualized to the patient or situation.
-Initiate appropriate measures in emergency situations when the physician  is not immediately available, for example, take resuscitative measures in case of cardiac or respiratory arrest.
-Operate and monitor general and specialized emergency care equipment such as infusion pumps, pulse oximeters, ventilators,  cardiac monitors and other specialized equipment.
-Administer therapeutic measures as prescribed by the physician such as medications and IV
therapy that alter hemodynamic status, respiratory therapy, mechanical ventilation, etc.
-Plan, provide and appropriately document the teaching of patients and families in preventative, curative and rehabilitative measures, taking into consideration patients’ and families’ learning needs, styles, barriers, and readiness to learn.
-Record observations,  nursing interventions,  therapeutic measures administered, and status of coordinated activities between nursing and other professional disciplines.
-Evaluate progress toward attainment of outcomes including patient status,  interventions, and patient response to nursing and therapeutic interventions,  and update the plan of care.
-Document specific health care requirements for patients and prepares written assignments to individual team members, matching the skills and abilities of staff to the care requirements of patients.
-Plan and develop care delivery and implementation of the plan and coordinates the documentation of care.
-Assume oversight for patient care administered by licensed practical nurses and unlicensed personnel in any assigned or delegated tasks.
-Provide technical guidance, delegation and direction to other registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and unlicensed personnel.
-Share responsibilities for sustaining adequate supplies and equipment as well as general upkeep of the unit and in preserving a safe environment.
-Maintain knowledge and competency that reflects current nursing practice and promotes professional growth for self and other staff members.
-Demonstrate positive role model and leadership qualities. Adheres to and promotes professional,  ethical and legal standards of nursing.
-Maintain and promote positive personal work habits, interpersonal skills and public relationships with employees, administration, medical staff, patients and families.

Must have a minimum of 2 years ICU experience
Must have an NY State RN License
Good written and verbal communication skills
Meet pre-employment credentialing clearances (Background Check and Drug Screen)

$100 per hour, $1000 weekly travel stipend
Local rate $120 per hour

If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Jenna at 919-867-4172 or email your resume to Jenna@TinkBird.com

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