CallawayPresident of Business Development

Callaway is originally from Augusta, Georgia. After a decade in Salt Lake City, Utah, she recently returned to her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, to have and raise her first daughter with her partner, Patrick.

Callaway has worked in healthcare staffing since 2014 and loves making the perfect match between the provider and facility. She looks to create the win-win-win in each of these situations for her clients, the providers and TinkBird. As a physician’s daughter, being a part of bringing great healthcare to communities long or short term is of utmost importance. The best part of her role at TinkBird is creating long lasting relationships with clients. When not working, Callaway enjoys being with her family, friends and cat, Dave. Her pastimes include traveling, watercolor painting, swimming, riding bikes, skiing, going to museums, booking bands and attending concerts.

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