AMA Weighs in on Physician Satisfaction and Challenges

A new study commissioned by the AMA reveals that 90% of young physicians (med students, residents and doctors practicing less than 10 years) are satisfied with their choice of profession, and 75% of respondents said they chose a medical career to help others. Young medical doctors were also asked about the challenges they face, and respondents cited a number of issues: administrative burden, stress, and lack of time being the top three.

A separate story reported last week on NPR hears directly from American Medical Association President Andrew Gurman on these and other issues. Gurman spoke to NPR’s Scott Simon about the challenges faced by doctors in the current medical environment and what the AMA would like to see in a healthcare bill.

“We know from doing detailed studies where we actually follow doctors and minute to minute with a stopwatch find out what they’re doing. The doctors are spending less than half of their time actually taking care of patients. So it’s a big problem,” Gurman said.

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