Healthcare Staffing for Medical Facilities

The competition for securing top medical talent is time sensitive and of high priority and concern in medical staff recruiting. Even if your healthcare facility has in-house recruiters, an outside agency can save you time and help source a broader pool of candidates. Filling a permanent or temporary position with TinkBird enables you to maintain continuity of care, staff and patient satisfaction, and overall profitability.

TinkBird Healthcare Staffing has well over a decade of experience catering to the needs of hospitals, health systems, private and group practices, FQHCs including community health centers, and health departments. It is our job to source, screen, qualify and assess medical professionals to fill your clinical positions. We have an extensive database of interested candidates, and we utilize an assortment of recruitment tools to attract both active and passive physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

Temporary and Permanent Medical Staffing

TinkBird specializes in provide skilled locum tenens practitioners and travel nurses to cover your needs for maternity leave, vacations, peak sickness seasons, high patient volume, medical leave or while searching for a long-term/permanent provider. We also recruit and successfully place highly qualified medical personnel in permanent roles to meet your long-term staffing needs.

Locum and Travelers Save Your Facility Time and Money

Locum tenens providers and nurse travelers offer obvious advantages for your short-term staffing needs. You save time and money on recruiting, onboarding, HR, payroll taxes, benefits and malpractice insurance.

Utilizing a locum tenens provider can also result in fulfilling, long-term relationships and permanent placement. If you use a provider on a temporary basis first, your facility can evaluate the fit for a permanent role – risk free – by not only evaluating patient care but also the cultural fit between provider and practice, resulting in long-term success!

To better understand the specific cost comparison of locum/traveling vs. permanent clinical staffing, chat with the recruiting experts at TinkBird Healthcare Staffing and look at the numbers. Chances are you’ll find that hiring locum tenens providers and nurse travelers is the more cost-effective solution.


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