TinkBird Healthcare Staffing provides comprehensive coverage of your medical staffing needs nationwide with an array of available skilled applicants to suit your specific organizational requirements. We assist medical facilities in recruiting both permanent clinicians as well as temporary locum tenens and travel nursing staff.

Clinician staffing is an important factor in the integrity of our healthcare system and at the heart of TinkBird. We aim to bolster that integrity with industry-wide offerings of highly qualified medical doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

Clinical Staff Recruiting

  • Medical doctors fill a wide range of needs in a facility depending on their specialty and experience. Besides their role in clinical settings, MDs may also fill director positions, such as medical or executive, as well as serve in the position of hospital administrator.
  • Physician assistants contribute to the healthcare community through positions in hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices. Our PAs have a broad skill set, including performing physical exams, administering treatment, assisting in surgeries and analyzing tests. Physician assistants in some states can even write prescriptions and give preventative care advice.
  • Nurse practitioners possess many of the same skills as registered nurses while being able to provide additional services similar to those of a physician assistant, such as prescription writing and ordering medical tests.
  • Registered nurses provide some of the most memorable encounters patients have in healthcare settings. TinkBird has a strong network of these front-line workers who are trained to provide medication management, symptom monitoring, patient education and so much more.
  • Licensed practical nurses attend to a multitude of needs such as monitoring patient conditions and reporting patient concerns to doctors. We often place LPNs in positions where direct patient care is needed around the clock, such as private in-home care and long-term care facilities.
  • Respiratory therapists specialize in services related to the lungs and the rest of the respiratory system. TinkBird’s respiratory therapists can be found in long-term care facilities, ERs and ICUs, as well as performing tests in sleep disorder labs. Diagnostics, exams and the creation of treatment plans are just a few of their commonly used skills in doctor’s offices. Monitoring patients who are no longer breathing on their own and analyzing samples for oxygen levels are also covered by their specialty.

Our boutique healthcare staffing agency is proud to offer skilled providers from these clinical professions. TinkBird has well over a decade of experience catering to the needs of hospitals, health systems, private and group practices, FQHCs including community health centers, and health departments. 

Read more about how we help medical facilities solve their clinician staffing needs. And contact us today to fill your open positions!

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