Locum NPs Make Better Providers

Our friend Sophia, a locum tenens nurse practitioner (and blogger extraordinaire), offers an interesting perspective about how locum tenens work offers both learning and mentoring experiences. We hear the same from many of our traveling nurse practitioners.

For NPs just out of training, locum tenens assignments provide opportunities to experience a variety of practice areas and clinical settings. On-the-job support from seasoned NPs gives new providers continued professional training that is critical to their growth. As role models, senior providers help young nurse practitioners feel motivated, learn practical skills, and gain confidence. A series of temporary placements for young practitioners will go a long way in making new NPs more well-rounded and give them insights that will inform their future careers.

The benefits of locum tenens aren’t just one-sided. Young nurse practitioners can offer a progressive take on current issues and help practices implement new ideas gained from their recent training. Their creativity and technology proficiency are skills that allow them to contribute significantly in a team environment. And their enthusiasm can breathe life into a medical facility.

Last but certainly not least, experienced nurse practitioners often find satisfaction in the simple act of mentoring. As less experienced NPs rotate into your hospital, clinic or medical office, it can be quite fulfilling to make a difference in someone’s life as a mentor, while improving patient care at the same time.

Read more about this topic on Sophia’s blog. And check our database for locum tenens nurse practitioner jobs. We’re hiring!

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