Wellness Wednesdays: How to Become a Better Runner

If you have never been an avid runner, it can be difficult beginning the process. There are many setbacks beginners encounter such as starting out too fast, pushing yourself too hard or setting unrealistic expectations. However, it is possible to become a better running and grow to love it! Keep reading to learn how.

Step 1: Purchase the correct shoes

Every runner is different so investing in a good pair of running shoes is critical to prevent injuries. If you stop by any running shoe store, they can complete a “gait analysis” and examine your form and work to get you into the right shoe. Check out some more running shoe buy tips here.

Step 2: Walk, run, walk

Starting out too fast and doing too much in the beginning are some of the leading causes of injury and burnout. Instead new runners should start out slowly and gradually build up to running longer distances. For example, if you typically do a 30 minute workout, try walking briskly for 5 minutes and jogging for 1 minute. Continue doing this until you build up your endurance, increasing the amount of time you jog and decreasing the amount of time that you walk.


Looking for more tips? Head over to MyFitnessPal.com to see how you can begin your running journey today!


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