Wellness Wednesdays: Does Muscle Soreness Equal a Good Workout?

We have all been there. The next day after a really GREAT workout, you can barely move. At all.

For many, this is a great accomplishment because it means that you pushed yourself during your workout session. However, experts feel that muscle soreness is not always a reliable measure of your fitness progress.

In an interview with MyFitnessPal.com, Peak Performance trainer Ethan Grossman explains that soreness is just a “novel stimulus.” This means that “you’ve switched up your workout and surprised your body with something totally new,” which is the cause of your achy muscles the next day. But does pain equal progress? And what should you do on achy days? To get the answers to these questions and read more about this topic, click here.

Do you secretly love feeling sore after you workout? Do you measure how successful your workout was by how sore you are afterwards?  Let us know in the comments below!

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