Lancaster, PA – a blend of the old and new

Established in 1709 by German settlers, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is one of the oldest inland cities in the country. Originally named Hickory Town, it was later renamed after Lancaster, England. The city includes the new ways of life, but there are still some glimpses of the old in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country not far from the city.

Bursting with Amish culture, Lancaster cherishes the old traditions, but its growth in other aspects such as healthcare cannot be ignored. The region is home to some of the nation’s leading hospitals – Lancaster General Hospital, Ephrata Community Hospital, and Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center – to name a few.

Recruiting healthcare professionals for top-tier hospitals is what TinkBird does

Of course top-tier hospitals and medical practices will require the best healthcare clinicians to match. Therefore, quality healthcare staffing in Lancaster is in high demand.

TinkBird Healthcare Staffing provides medical recruiting and medical job placement in Lancaster, PA, as well as other cities and communities throughout Pennsylvania. We work to fill both permanent and temporary medical job openings by recruiting and placing physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other qualified clinicians. TinkBird works to assist Lancaster’s leading medical practices in meeting their staffing needs.

TinkBird strives as a medical recruiting agency to place medical professionals in the right job for each individual. We want to be sure the medical professional and healthcare facility are made for each other.

Enjoy the rich culture of Pennsylvania’s Lancaster region

Whether moving to the area, traveling here on a locum tenens assignment, or just passing through, there are a few places everyone visiting Lancaster, PA, should hit up:

  • Fulton Theatre, opened in 1862, is known to be the nation’s oldest continuously operating theater. It is one of eight theaters that have been named as a National Historic Landmark. From the Barrymore family to Mark Twain, there have been many great icons who have performed here. Check out a show or even audition!
  • American Music Theatre provides music from both touring concerts and original shows. This venue has featured the performances of world-class musicians and even Grammy winners.
  • The traditional Amish Farm and House gives you an authentic cultural immersion – a favorite tourist experience in this region of Pennsylvania. Here you have a chance to see the way the Amish live from their religious practices to how they grow their food.

TinkBird specializes in healthcare staffing in Lancaster, Ephrata, Lititz, Reading and in cities and towns across Pennsylvania. We focus on top-tier clinical positions – for both temporary and permanent placement.

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