Charleston, SC, sees growth in healthcare

On the coast of South Carolina, you can hear the waves of the ocean and the horns of the ships, with the port city of Charleston serving as the region’s hub. Once one of the busiest seaports in America, the city has now become a huge tourist region known for its historical landmarks and delicious low country cuisine.

Charleston may not be a colonial seaport anymore, but it has moved forward with time and offers growing opportunities in technology and healthcare. Charleston, today, has some of the finest hospitals in the country.

TinkBird recruits healthcare professionals for Charleston’s leading medical facilities

Charleston is home to several nationally ranked hospitals, including the Medical University of South Carolina Medical Center, Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital, and Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital.

At TinkBird Healthcare Staffing, we are pleased to recruit top-tier clinical providers to fill medical jobs in Charleston. We recruit and place physicians, physician assistants and family nurse practitioners to enable medical facilities to meet their patients’ healthcare needs.

TinkBird helps clinical professionals find permanent positions as well as locum tenens placements, and we assist Charleston’s leading healthcare facilities and medical practices in meeting their clinical staffing needs. With medical staffing demand on the rise, TinkBird works to make a placement that is a perfect fit for the provider and the hiring facility.

Take a break to see the sights in Charleston

Charleston is booming with attractions. While you’re in the area, be sure to check out all that city has to offer!

  • The Dock Street Theatre happens to be America’s first theater, built in 1736. There have been a few incidents where the theater has been destroyed, but this place keeps coming back. Today it stands tall and entertains a wide audience.
  • Drayton Hall gives visitors the feel of the old plantation life. Built in the early 1750s, this palace was furnished and decorated with the finest goods that Europe and Charleston had to offer. One of the few plantations left from the colonial era, it is a sight to see.
  • Fort Sumter, a sea fort only accessible by boat, is known for its part in the American Civil War. Today, you can take a tour of the fort and learn about an important part of American history.

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