Why You Should Consider Locum Tenens Positions

What is locum tenens? Pertaining to healthcare, it means holding a temporary position as a medical provider in the place of another medical provider. This is necessary when a medical provider is absent or when a hospital or practice is short-staffed. The great thing about these positions is TinkBird can match each locum tenens assignment to your individual needs. Below are a few of the many benefits of locum tenens.

  1.  Additional Income: Locum tenens assignments are a great way to garnish extra income.  Extra income equates to an expedited medical school loan repayment, an increase in retirement fund contribution or other recreational activities.
  2.  In-between Jobs: If you are currently transitioning between jobs, locum tenens positions provide a seamless way to keep your skills current while maintaining a constant revenue stream. Additionally, these assignment can provide a much needed change of scenery if the work week becomes monotonous.
  3.  Continue your Education: If you are new to the medical field or just want to broaden your education, locum tenens assignments allow you to gain valuable work experiences by utilizing your current skill set with other practices in your specified area.
  4.  Get to Know a Facility: Finally, locum tenens assignments can be looked at as a “working interview.” You can get to know the staff and facility before committing permanently.

For more information about TinkBird’s latest locum tenens opportunities, click here.

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