Holiday Medical Staffing: Temporary Nurses and Doctors

Give your medical providers something to celebrate this holiday season. Book locum tenens physicians and travel nurses to cover shifts for the holidays.

The holiday season will be here before you know it, so you need to start preparing. What’s your plan for holiday medical staffing?

If your practice is like most, your providers want (and need!) time off during the holiday season. With many major holidays from November through January, conflicts and competition for time off can make scheduling a nightmare for managers. Our locum tenens doctors and travel nurses can help by working holiday shifts. Your practice will benefit in many ways:

Prevent staff burnout

The medical profession can take a toll, both emotionally and physically, on healthcare professionals who work extended hours. Staff burnout affects employee well-being and raises the possibility of medical errors. Allow full-time employees to enjoy their time off by hiring locum tenens and travel nurses to cover holiday shifts.

Ensure continuous patient care

People often need medical attention during the holiday season because of flu outbreaks and winter-related accidents. To ensure that hospitals and clinics meet the increased demand for healthcare services, they must have enough staff.

However, full-time healthcare providers typically request time off at the end of the year to be with their families. Hiring temporary doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses helps prevent any disruption in patient care.

Increase flexibility for patient volume

The holidays often bring unpredictable spikes in patient volume, because the demand for medical services increases. Healthcare facilities should prepare for surges to prevent overcrowding and ensure timely care for patients. Temporary doctors and nurses provide the flexibility to scale staffing levels as needed. Short-term holiday medical staff can handle the influx of patients.

Maintain high-quality care

Healthcare facilities strive to provide top-notch care to their patients throughout the year. However, the holiday season can strain the existing staff, thereby impacting the quality of care. Hire qualified locum tenens physicians, physician assistants and travel nurses so patients continue to receive the same level of care.

Utilize and proven, cost-effective solution

Hiring temporary staff is a cost-effective alternative to paying overtime or recruiting full-time employees to fill temporary gaps. You can use a healthcare recruiting agency for short-term locum tenens assignments.

Streamline the hiring process

Healthcare recruiting agencies specialize in finding and placing temporary medical providers. They have extensive networks of qualified healthcare professionals. A top medical staffing firm makes the hiring process efficient and hassle-free. Healthcare organizations can quickly secure the temporary staff they need for holiday assignments, even on short notice.

Plan now for holiday staffing

Secure your holiday medical staffing early so you are prepared for the season. It’s important to plan ahead for temporary openings to avoid complications and ensure appropriate staff coverage. Skilled locum tenens providers and travel nurses can help alleviate stress for both schedulers and staff. Get started now:

Schedule in advance

Scheduling and publishing the holiday work schedule in advance allows staff to plan family time and vacations without conflicts.

Set expectations

One of the best ways to make a holiday schedule work is by clearly communicating expectations and details. Share holiday policies so that all staff members are aware and able to comply.

Secure your staff early

Secure temporary healthcare providers as early as possible to ensure your facility runs smoothly. It is important to remember that locum tenens providers need holidays, too. Make sure to book temporary staff in advance to allow for planning this time of year.

Facilities dealing with similar issues face intense competition for coverage. Book locum tenens providers early. This ensures a larger pool of candidates, allowing you to select the best-qualified physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses. Hiring locum providers in advance also helps you avoid fees associated with emergency assignments.

Turn to TinkBird for holiday medical staffing

Hiring locum tenens and travel nurses for the holiday is a proven medical staffing strategy. Tinkbird is your recruiting resource for high-quality providers. We bring you pre-qualified medical professionals to complement your healthcare staff. Contact us to recruit a provider, or let us help you assess your needs for holiday coverage.

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